Monday, January 05, 2009

2009 New Year Resolution

I have been reflecting on the past couple of years...

2007 was a high point for my studio. I rolled out a few products: The Art of ReBoot, Crozonia #3, The Art of ReBoot: Plug In, a ReBoot Gigabyte Poster, and an ashcan sketchbook. I also did tons of freelance illustrations and worked on Resident Evil: Extinction. I exhibited in New York City, Detroit, San Diego, and hometown Toronto.

2008 saw a dip in production. I did come out with any new issues of Crozonia. Just an Issue #4 ashcan in time for Fan Expo. The freelance illustrations slipped a bit. I also only exhibited in New York City, Chicago and hometown Toronto. I worked on Death Race and Max Payne. But there were lots of positives.

First and foremost, was my first trip back to Korea in over five years. It definitely recharged my batteries and creative juices. I went after some licensed properties due to the success of ReBoot. And although they didn't materialize in 2008, one of them is almost signed, should be official sometime in January. Beach CS was incorporated and given a new corporate task to grow the business. Diamond Distributors accepted Crozonia, and will be on the shelves in April 2009.
Crozonia Issue #4 is the best work I have ever done. The artwork is a huge improvement and the colors extraordinary thanks to Dan Rivera. I will be previewing the Cerberus cave sequence soon.

Expect some big things from Beach CS this year. Making Waves in 2009!

Top 10 Resolution:

10. Wrap up a license involving a rock band!
9. Go visit Vancouver for the first time in five years!
8. Promote Crozonia online more.
7. Don't get too stressed at work.
6. Do some personal Crozonia CGI work.
5. Conventions! Calgary, Chicago, Toronto, Baltimore! And new cities in 2010...
4. More creative services business from new toy clients.
3. A new licensed property adapting an animation series currently on Cartoon Network!
2. Eat more veggies.
1. Finally complete the comic book epic, Crozonia!


Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing.Well my resolutions include Organizing,Discipline,taking actions,stop complaining,comparing n cynicism.
My heartfelt New Year wishes to all the people around the globe.May this new bring lots of Joy,peace n prosperity where ever we are.Thank you.

Keep smiling!!!
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Frank Dirscherl said...

Hi Jim

My New Year's resolution is to get a special 2-issue series of The Wraith (Book 1 featuring the origin of the original Paul Sanderson/The Wraith, Book 2 featuring the origin of his villain the Cobra) distributed through Diamond, through a studio such as yours or any of the others out there. I've written the script for Book 1 and I'll have my artist start on it straight away. We'll see if it measures up and if you're interested as it develops.


Frank Dirscherl
Publisher, Trinity Comics

Anonymous said...

you really need to hit up Seattle and the ECCC