Saturday, June 06, 2009

Back from Licensing Expo '09

This week I traveled to Las Vegas for the Licensing Expo. A great trip, renewed some contacts I have been working on since last year's Expo. I also met some new people at great companies I would like to work with. I'm confident that something will come from this show.

Some thoughts and impressions:
The show was noticeably smaller than when it was in New York at the Javits. Certain company booths were also half the size as they were last year. The larger companies such as Dream Works, Sony Pictures, Hasbro etc... still occupy gigantic 1000+ square foot booths. but the industry as a whole is down. The licensing industry is a perfect microcosm of the global economy.

I went there not only to find licensed properties to publish by try to develop some IPs for companies that I want to work with. A couple spec artwork here and there could potentially lead to great things. Normally I wouldn't offer free artwork, but it's the recession. Hustle, work hard, pick the partners you want to work with. Foster relationships with these partners during the hard times, and hopefully when the economy picks up, you emerge as a major creative services/licensing partner.

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