Tuesday, September 29, 2009

The Word on the Street done. That's a wrap for 2009!

The Word on the Street happened this past Sunday. A great day (no rain) with great sales, saw familiar faces, and made some new contacts. This event marks the end of a very busy 2009 convention season!

Feb - Toy Fair (New York City)
April - Calgary Comic Expo, Toronto Comic Con
May - Anime North (Toronto)
June - Licensing Expo (Las Vegas), Anime Evolution (Vancouver)
July - Beaches Jazz Festival (Toronto)
August - Wizard World Chicago, Fan Expo Canada (Toronto)
September - The Word on the Street (Toronto)

Now I can focus on getting Crozonia finished, production on a new comic book based on an animation series, more Storm Hawks, and lot's of Bakugan artwork. I'll be laying low for the rest of the year, but be prepared for more great Beach CS products and news in 2010!

Photos from this year's conventions coming soon!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Wolverine vs Guardian (Alpha Flight)

Here is a marker drawing I recently whipped up for the Joe Shuster Awards (University of Toronto Innis Hall, September 26th 2009)

Monday, September 07, 2009

Whiteout opens this Friday!

Here is another movie that I worked on the past couple of years. Mr. X FX did a lot of the shots in this movie. Some of the shots in this trailer that I was responsible for include: the guy falling from the sky, and the last shot in the trailer of the guy being blown away.
Check it out Friday!

Whiteout Trailer from Distraktion on Vimeo.