Sunday, June 25, 2006

Sketch Card

I am printing oversized postcards that are 8.375" x 5.333. The back will be white with the logo and website address ( I will be marketing them as Crozonia Sketch Cards. From now on, I will only sketch exclusive on the back of these cards. They will be sold for $5 each. A pretty cool collectible!

The print run on these cards is 1000 for $110 + Shipping. If there are better deals out there, let me know! These cards will be sold for only $1 each at conventions. For special events such as Word On The Street and the Issue 2 Premiere at The Watcher Comics on July 29, they will be given away for free! More details on the Premiere soon.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Issue 2 Update

Production on Crozonia Issue 2 will wrap up in a couple of days! I will be sending the disk to the printers some time this week. For those of you interested in the printing details, H&E Copy will once again be printing the book.

The specs are:
-8pt cardstock cover
-28 page interior - 801b glossy paper
-3000 print run
$3500 CAN

I was able to get a better price than the first issue because I was a returning customer. The unit cost per book for Issue 2 was $1.33 CAN compared to $1.53 CAN for Issue 1. This is largely attributed because I reduced the number of interior pages from 32 to 28 to save $350. There's also the 1% GST cut starting July 1. Woohoo!

This should also help with mailing costs. Issue 1 (with bag, board, envelope) wieghed in at 161 g, slightly over the 150g limit for letter mail. Having 4 less pages should put it under the wieght limit, or I might have to downgrade the cover.