Tuesday, February 28, 2006

New York Comic-Con Report

This is the first time my wife, Kijin and I have been to New York. We absolutely loved it! Saw an off Broadway musical called the Altar Boys. Brilliant and halarious. I highly recommend it. Went to Korea Town often and had some great meals there.
As for my overall impressions of New York Comic-Con, I can say it was well run and the organizers at Reed Expo did all they can to make it successfull. In fact, a little TOO successfull. There was overcrowding on Saturday, so people were turned down admission to the show. Even though the show was busy, I found that my sales were down from Toronto and Chicago. This was probably due to a variety of factors. First, I shared a table with another artist. So instead of a 6' table, I was only working with a 3' table. And I had nowhere to put my banner other than behind my seat. That was unfortunate because many people passed by the table, and I had to work hard to get people's attention. By the end of Saturday, I was exhuasted. The second factor is the limited time. I had do leave three hours early on Sunday to catch my flight, so that cut into the sales as well.
Issue 1 @ $3.00 : 138 sold
Issue 2 Ashcan @ $2.00 : 35 sold
Posters @ $10.00 : 10 sold

Eventually I'll add a chart to my website for aspiring publishers to compare sales. Hopefully it will be valuable information for them.


Alex said...

Hey Jim,

Glad to hear things went well over in NY. Yeah, I heard about the overcrowding...that's unbelievable! And I can't believe they only gave you a 3' table! That's ridiculous, bro! Anyhow, I wouldn't mind seeing your new issue...also, I wouldn't mind doing a pin-up or cover for you, that's if you're still interested. By the way, I can't remember if I told you or not, I'm not working downtown anymore...which sucks because I already miss going to that Korean restaurant in Chinatown! I'll give you a shout later!


Jim Su - Artist, Publisher said...

Hey Alex, I had a 6' table but shared it with the another artist. It was a mistake to do so. Luckily I have learned my lesson and will be displaying in grand fashion in future shows! Of course I still want a pinup!
I'll email you.