Friday, August 11, 2006

Wizard World Chicago Photos

A big THANK YOU to everyone who purchased a book from me this past weekend!

The trip to Chicago was a success from a creative and financial standpoint. Unlike New York, I actually turned a profit after travel expenses and table costs were figured in. But New York is where I made alot of business contacts. Chicago is more flea market than trade show. My highlight of the show was meeting lots of IFL fighters, talking to Thomas Jane (The Punisher) about printing costs, and meeting some Marvel and DC editors. I also met Sean O Reilly from Arcana Studios, the largest Canadian Comic Book Publisher.

Here is my table in the Artist Alley. It's a bit Flea Market, but that's my strategy to sell. Other tables are nice and neat, with one display book on the table. But I've found when you spread books out on a table, it's more inviting for people to browse around.

I did free sketches all weekend long. But you had to buy a book!

Acaste headshot.


Wizard World Entrance.

Best costume at the show!

MMA: The next big thing.

2nd best costumes!

Carlos Newton, coach of the Toronto Dragons. Represent!

The Bas.

My former employer, Mainframe Entertainment from Vancouver was there.

Arcana from Vancouver.

My current employer, Mattel.

Linsner booth.

Local Chicago company, Devils Due.

Van City, West Coast SKILLZ!

Renaissance suites for only $99/night! You can't go wrong with that!

This is what the locals eat. They don't live very long...

Tim Hortons in Michigan. This means the Motherland is close by.

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