Monday, February 26, 2007

New York Comic Con Report

I had more success at this year's New York Comic Con than last year, but the sales for Crozonia were still not as good compared to Chicago and Toronto. I'm not sure if it's because this show is a more corporate tradeshow like San Diego Comic Con, than the "flea market" sales bonanza that Chicago and Toronto are.
I sold about 80 Crozonia #1 and 80 Crozonia #2. A far lower total than Chicago or Toronto. Just like those shows, there were alot of people who came up to buy Issue 2 after buying the first issue last year! This is the real indicator that people enjoy my work! I would like to thank those people who bought the first issue and stuck around for issue 2. Thanks so much for the support. It makes a little indy artist like me feel big!
I also exhibited the Art of ReBoot, a Beach Studios co-production with Arcana and DMF. Altogether, we sold 82 copies of the artbook. That's a decent number considering the price point of $24. I was also able to sell around 20 ReBoot posters.

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