Monday, August 27, 2007

Fan Expo, The day after...

I had a great time at Fan Expo Canada, and so did my guest, Gavin Blair.
Sales wise, The Art of ReBoot did extremely well. We sold out of the artbook at the convention. Crozonia however, did not sell as well. Only about 150 book sold compared to over 250 at Fan Expo in 2006. There's a couple of factors attributed to that: being completely overshadowed by ReBoot, and the display we had did not put Crozonia at the forefront. I will be renewing my efforts to promote Crozonia, which I admit have been neglected due to the ReBoot project.

Crozonia Issue 3 did outsell Issue 1 and 2 which is promising. That means there are many return buyers who didn't mind the one year wait!


Anonymous said...

I finally got to meet you in person at Fan Expo this year and I have to tell you the Crozonia books are incredible. I don't know how I've missed these in my travels.
Thanks very much for the sketch, I'm framing this one along with the books, should be a great display.

And thanks for all the work your doing in helping to bring Reboot back to the public....its going to be a fun ride!

Jim Su - Artist, Publisher said...

Thanks Ken! Send me a photo of the display when you frame it! I'm honoured!