Friday, August 26, 2005

Canadian National Comic Book Expo Sales

Just got back from the Convention Center tonight. Although it was packed, it was also slow and comparible to Friday at Chicago Wizard World. I sold 46 books compared to 55 in Chicago, but the 46 number is a little inflated because I sold 12 books wholesale to some comic book retailers. But then again, there were three less hours for Friday at this show than at Chicago. I'm expecting better sales on Saturday. 81 is the magic number to beat from Chicago for Saturday!
As expected, Saturday was really busy. But surprisingly it started off slow. The show opened at 9pm, but we didn't sell our first book untill 10:30! In the end, we did sell alot of books, especially in the afternoon. I had to host a panel on CGI for an hour from 2-3pm, so I was not expecting many for that hour, to my surprise, my wife and a friend of mine sold 12 books! Not bad at all! In total, we beat the number for Chicago for Saturday selling 87 books. But far short of the elusive 100 mark. Maybe next year when I have issue 2 out! You may note that around 4-5pm, we only sold three books. By then we were dead tired, and very hungry. We barely made an effort to sell untill we had some food in our stomachs. This is a very important lesson too, it shows that as an unknown comic book publisher, Crozonia as nice as it is, doesn't sell for itself. We really need to make an effort to sell. If all we did was sit back and relax, we would probably have sold less than thirty books.
Just like Saturday, didn't sell a single book untill 1 1/2 hour after the show opened. The sales were down from Saturday, as to be expected. In total we sold 195 books. It seemed like we sold more, so I was a little dissapointed. We also sold 22 posters for $5 each. Selling 200 copies remains elusive, it probably won't happen untill San Diego next year.

TimeFriday Saturday Sunday
9 - 10-0-
10 - 11-40
11 - 12-169
12 - 1-65
1 - 2-118
2 - 3-1215
3 - 4-138
4 - 5236
5 - 661311
6 - 789-
7 - 89--
8 - 94--
9 - 1017--

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