Friday, August 19, 2005

Chicago Wizard World Sales

While I was selling my books at Chicago Wizard World, I made a tally of the sales and broke them down by the hour. This should be very usefull for other self publishers to use as a bench mark and see some trends.

Thursday - I arrived late, saw that half the artist alley was empty, so I decided against setting up. It made more sense to walk around the convention floor, and make some business contacts and avoid line-ups.

TimeFriday Saturday Sunday
9 - 1026-
10 - 115126
11 - 1271313
12 - 16720
1 - 2899
2 - 379-
3 - 437-
4 - 588-
5 - 6910-

In total, I sold 194 books. I brought to the show 300 books, and my lofty goal was to sell out. Even though I only reached the 2/3rd mark of my goal, I consider my sales a success because I didn't sell on Thursday, and I left early on Sunday and missed four potential busy hours. Also, I was there by myself. Notice on Sunday at noon, I sold 20 books in one hour! That's because one of the guys I traveled with was nice enough to leave their own artist alley table and help out. All he did was stand outside the table, and non-chalantly hand out the books as people walked by. I believe my product was eye-catching enough that most people would make an effort to look through it. Whether or not they decided to buy was another story.
The price point was $3 a book. On the last hour of Friday and Saturday, I sold them for $2 each. On Sunday, I sold them for $2.
Chicago was an eye-opener as far as learning how to sell. There are a few things I learned:
1. Don't sell too hard, but don't sit on your ass with your arms crossed either.
2. Don't do sketches for free, unless they buy a book. And sketch only your character. If someone wants a sketch of Spider-Man or Wolverine, then charge $10 for it.
3. Bring more than one product. It will increase and diversify sales. I was so worried about bringing these books to the border, I only brought the published books. At the Canadian National Comic Book Expo next weekend, I will be selling posters as well and offering package deals.
4. Bring help! My wife will be there helping me sell. Should help alot.
5. Bring a Laptop. This will show my CG reel, which will "reel" potential costumers in.

Any other tips, drop a comment PLEASE!

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