Friday, August 12, 2005

Mailing Costs

I need to begin to set up the online store to sell Crozonia on the web. I fear I may have made a mistake with the weight of the comic book. Yes, the book looks really nice, and feels like something special when you hold it in your hands. But after going to post office to get an issue wieghed with packaging (Document size Envelope, Comic book bag and board) the cost for mailing the book in Canada is $1.70! Even worse, the cost of mailing to the US is $2.90. This is because the package weighs 161g, over the 150g limit. This puts a serious blow to the viability of selling the books online. It eliminates any possible chance for International orders at the moment.

Here are the mailing expenses from Canada in $CAN:

Letter Mail
Up to 150g $1.00
Up to 300g $1.70
Up to 500g $2.45

US (in $CAN)
Up to 150g $1.70
Up to 300g $2.90
Up to 500g $5.80

So tentatively these are the prices including (S+H) that I have set up for online orders:
$5 US for American orders, $5 CAN for Canadian orders.

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