Monday, September 04, 2006

Fan Expo Canada Recap

Fan Expo Canada was this past weekend (Sept 1-3), and it was truly an incredible show! I sold 278 books in total! 112 first issues, 149 Second issues, and 17 Sketchbooks. I also sold 34 Posters. On the downside, just like Chicago, new readership was down because I sold 195 first issues last year. This means there is a cieling for the marketthat is willing to an indy book. This means I need to go to uncharted territory next season such as Motor City Comic-con (Detroit) in May, and Comic-Con International (San Diego) in July. I got to chat with some big name industry guys, and bump into guys I hadn't seen in years, and learned from Brian Michael Bendis that an Omega Flight series is launching next year!
Photos coming soon!


Unknown said...

hey Jim,
just wanted to say that I really like your comic Crozonia. go indy books go!! everybody should check it out

Jim Su - Artist, Publisher said...

Thanks Bobby! Bobby is an amazing digital painter who I will bug one day for a Crozonia cover! Everyone check out his studio at

He also looks alot like fellow artist Ben Su.

Unknown said...

looks like a sexy version of Ben without the funny haircut :) jk