Monday, September 25, 2006

The Word on the Street Toronto Recap

I exhibited at The Word on the Street festival yesterday, and overall the sales were great! Thanks to everyone who bought an issue of Crozonia! Just like Fan Expo, there were many people who came just looking for Issue 2! Thanks for waiting.
Festivals such as these are great for measuring how the general public buys my products. The sketchbooks and posters didn't sell too well, but the issues were flying off the table! Most people who bought Crozonia for the first time, bought both issues for the $5 deal.
I also admire the public for braving the rain during the afternoon. The rain didn't seem to stop the sales. We just moved our table back to give our buyers some shelter! I had great fun!

Sales Report:
Total books - 152
Issue 1 - 72
Issue 2 - 79
Sketchbooks - 1
Posters - 3

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