Monday, July 18, 2005

Bring on the Conventions!

The San Diego Comic-Con International was held this past weekend, and it was torture to see pictures of the exhibition hall on the internet but not being able to attend.When I first pondered which conventions to sell Crozonia at for 2005, I made up my mind that San Diego was too large a convention to make a good impact at. I have been to the Comic-Con three times, and as a fan, it is an amazing and unique experience. The attendance for this show is approx. 80,000! As a small press publisher, I'm sure you get lost in the crowd very easily. I would only have the first issue there to sell, so after some number crunching, it just wasn't worth it. Consider the price of a plane ticket from Toronto to San Diego in July, at least four nights hotel, and a table that costs $800. I hope to build up the awareness of Crozonia by hitting some other note-worthy conventions first before taking on San Diego!

2005 Conventions Schedule so far:
Chicago Wizard World (August 4-7)
This is the second largest convention in North America. Over 50,000 in attendance, but I think I'll have a chance to actually make an impact with my book and display. I have never been to Chicago outside of O'Hare airport, so I figure this will be a fun trip. I have only booked an artist alley table at Chicago, so there should be minimal risk. I am driving down there with the another local Toronto publisher, DMF Comics.

Canadian National Comic Book Expo(August 26-28)
The largest convention in Canada, and the third largest convention in North America with approx 30,000 in attendance. I have exhibited at this show in the past, so there's already a bit of an existing audience for Crozonia in Toronto. This is the show I plan on moving the most units at.

The Word on the Street (September 25)
This is an annual book fair held at Queen's Park in Toronto. It's actually the larger than San Diego, Chicago and Toronto combined with over 200,000 visitors in one day! Since it does not specialise in comic books, it's a good chance to sell to an audience outside of the comic book fandom.

As for a convention schedule in 2006, I hope to exhibit at San Diego for the first time and debut my second issue there! As well as return to the conventions I'm already exhibiting at this year.

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