Thursday, July 14, 2005

Last Call for Revisions

I received the proofs last night from the printer. They were only printed from a colour copier (Which may explain why she could beat the other price). That's okay, I didn't make an issue with it. The importance of the proof was making sure everything printed okay, and that there were no technical errors such as postscript or font issues. I took the proofs home, and now it's time to start circling errors or issues so that the printer can keep an eye out for them when the comic goes to press.
Here are some examples.

Quark Xpress has an option to print tiffs as full resolution or not. In this case, it is EXTREMELY important to get the cover right.

This may just be a color copier issue, but the border is being printed with alot of noise. It should be a pure flat border. The colours were initially C 2%,M 1%,Y 10%, K 0%. This may not be a "good" colour because it requires a screen for the Cyan and Magenta layers. So just to be safe, I changed the colour to C 0%, M 0%, Y 10%, K 0%. This will require me to give the printer a new tiff file for that page.

This problem is the font is too dark. It looked fine on screen, but there's not enough contrast when printed. In this case, I will change the colour to white.

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