Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Printer Drama!

Wow! Yesterday was a crazy day. Because my visit to Point One was rescheduled by them on Monday, a twist of fate occured. I was ready to submit my files to proof on Tuesday when the lady from H&E called in the morning to check up with me. She didn't seem too thrilled that I had gone with another printer for more than $700 less. But she said she would match any final offer from Point One and and upgraded the interior stock to 80lb paper.

I went back to Point One and asked for a final price, but they couldn't move down. They also informed me that they only accepted certified cheques (COD). That's when H&E called for one last time to make an offer for a total price of $4000. But she had to charge me 2% since I was going to use credit card to get some air miles. That brought the total price up to $4080, just one dollar less that Point One's offer with 70lb stock! I decided to go with H&E, and submitted the files for proofs. While I was there I inquired about business cards. For 500 full colour cards, the price was $75. But when I informed her that I had chosen her over the competition over a mere dollar, she gave me the business cards for free!

In summary, it pays to haggle and hold your cards until the very end. The difference between Monday and Tuesday was:

-Upgrade on the stock of paper from 70lb to 80lb
-Free business cards
-Credit Card payment
-$1 off! That lowers the unit cost after tax by 0.038 cents :)

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